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Colourblind Zebra

Happy Birthday Rainbow Zebra Card

Happy Birthday Rainbow Zebra Card

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Send Happy Birthday wishes to your favourite zebras with this colourful A6 card! Whether they're a zebra lover, a chronic illness or rare disease warrior, they'll adore this colourful greeting card.

Featuring rainbow zebra in their purple party hat, surrounded by balloons, bunting and a delicious cake on a rainbow table.

The zebra has become a mascot for the rare disease and chronic illness community. In medical school, doctors are taught the saying "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." This saying tells them that they should look for the most likely or well known cause of a patient's symptoms, rather than rarer or lesser known causes. But it's important to remember that zebras do exist!

    🌈 A6 Happy Birthday greeting card
    🌈 Blank on the inside with a confetti border and rainbow zebra in the right bottom corner
    🌈 Comes with an envelope


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