Story | Chronically Ill, Disabled & Autistic Artist

A picture of Abby sitting on a sofa with a mug in her hands. Her illustrations surround the image.

I'm Abby and I create colourful artwork about chronic illness, disability and neurodivergence as well as personal experience of all three. I am Autistic and I have PoTS, MCAS and Hypermobility (the trifecta!) amongst others.

I started Colourblind Zebra on Instagram in 2019 as a hobby, never expecting it to grow as much as it has. In 2020, I set up my shop and pressed the website launch button from my bed.

Illustrating helps me to process what I'm going through with my health - whether that's hospital appointments or flares - while raising awareness and supporting others in the community at the same time.

I believe whole heartedly that our mobility aids and awareness goodies shouldn't be beige and boring - that's why all of my artwork and products include rainbows and eye-catching colours!

Thank you for getting to know more about me and for supporting my small business. It means the world 🌎


Two pictures of Abby drawing on her iPad. Her illustrations surround the images.