Chronic Illness Gift Guide: 12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Chronically Ill Loved Ones

Chronic Illness Gift Guide: 12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Chronically Ill Loved Ones

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With Christmas just around the corner and a New Year on the horizon, it's time to be thinking about buying Christmas presents and birthday gifts for those special people in your life - including those who have a chronic illness.

You may be wanting to show your loved one that you are thinking of them and that you're trying your best to understand what they're going through - in which case, they will love how thoughtful you have been in your gift buying!

What better way to do this than to send them a gift that's specifically made for chronically ill & disabled people, illustrated by someone who is also chronically ill and disabled?

To save you some time with your present shopping, I have put together a gift guide of thoughtful presents that will be sure to put a smile on your chronically ill loved one's face!

I ship to the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia (some exclusions apply).


Invisible not imaginary invisible illness warrior pin

Invisible Not Imaginary Glow in The Dark Enamel Pin - People who are invisibly ill will know the difficulty of being believed with doctors, family and friends questioning the validity of your symptoms just because they aren't visible. But this does not make those symptoms imaginary. If your loved one has an invisible illness, this pin would be a great way to show them that you understand and that you support and believe them! The word 'invisible' even glows in the dark, making the invisible visible. The badge costs £7.50 + postage.


I have brain fog, please be patient chronic illness awareness pin

"I have brain fog, please be patient" Badge - Brain fog is a major problem for those of us who have a chronic and/or mental illness. Like the name suggests, brain fog is when our thoughts and memory becomes hazy, even remembering very simple words becomes impossible - it can be a real pain! Trying to explain that you're experiencing brain fog during these hazy moments is obviously very difficult, making this badge very useful and the perfect thoughtful gift for your brain foggy loved one! The badge costs £3 + postage.


"This pin is so cute! I purchased a handful of pins to help alert others to my chronic illness symptoms and mobility aids, and this is one of the cutest, functional pins I found!" - Katelynn, 23 Aug 2021



Rainbow zebra embroidered beanie for ehlers danlos syndrome warriors

Rainbow Zebra Embroidered Beanie - Zebras are a special symbol in the chronic illness community, symbolising rare diseases and illnesses that are often missed like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder and more. Many of us in the community refer to ourselves as 'zebras', so if your loved one is a zebra too, this super soft hat would definitely make them smile - and also keep them warm when the weather drops cold! The beanie costs £15 + postage.


Rainbow zebra enamel pin for hypermobility awareness

Rainbow Zebra Enamel Pin - This adorable enamel badge would be the perfect present to give to your own zebra at Christmas or on their birthday. The chibi style and bright, rainbow stripes are sure to make them smile. Imagine them ripping open the wrapping paper and being greeted with not only the cutest rainbow zebra enamel pin, but a matching rainbow zebra beanie too! The badge costs £7.50 + postage.


"Bought this as a gift, and my friend loved it! I would certainly buy this again." - Sarah, 03 Oct 2021



Please offer me a seat button badge

Please Offer Me a Seat Badge - Lots of chronic illnesses and disabilities can mean that standing for long periods can be dangerous and fatigue and pain inducing. If your loved one has an invisible illness or disability, often people can be unaware of their needs, which can make explaining feel very difficult. So, if your special person has a condition like Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or another illness that means they need to sit down, this colourful badge would help get that need across in a visible way! The badge costs £3 + postage.


It's a flare day button badge

It's a Flare Day Badge - Whether your loved one has migraines, chronic pain, IBS or other health issues, flare-ups are unfortunately something that can impact them. Flares are exactly what their name suggests, flare-ups of symptoms of a chronic illness. This badge is a great way for someone experiencing a flare to let those around them know that today they're struggling and may need extra help or rest, which makes it a very useful gift that will be thoroughly appreciated! The badge costs £3 + postage.


"Great quality badge! I pop it on my work lanyard when I’m flaring, it’s a good size so can be seen clearly." - Georgia, 27 Oct 2021



Invisible not imaginary t-shirt for invisible illness awareness

Invisible Not Imaginary T-Shirt - Just because our illnesses are invisible, it doesn't mean that they are imaginary! This super soft 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirt would be a great present to show your loved one how much you support them and are doing your best to understand what they're experiencing. This shirt is £19.50 + postage and is available in sizes S - 5XL.


Still sick glitter enamel pin

 Still Sick Glitter Enamel Pin - Chances are that your chronically ill loved one will have been asked "are you still sick?" or "are you better yet?" at least once since being diagnosed. Given that 'chronic' is in the name, it can get super frustrating to be asked this question over and over again. The 'Still Sick' glitter enamel pin raises awareness of chronic illnesses and reminds others that "nope, they're still sick!" This badge costs £7.50 + postage.


Forever fatigued badge

Forever Fatigued Badge - Fatigue is one of those symptoms that almost all health conditions have in common and it is a difficult one to cope with as it can disrupte so much of life. Gift this badge to your loved one so that they can pin it to their jacket, bag or lanyard to raise awareness of fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. The badge costs £3 + postage.


Rest is productive postcard

Rest is Productive Postcard - Resting and regaining strength is important for all of us, but even more so for those of us who are chronically ill and experience fatigue. Sometimes we can feel guilty for resting, thinking about the 'wasted' time and all the things we could be getting done. Remind your loved one that resting is not wasting their precious time, but that it's helping them to pace and regain strength with this cute A6 art print. This postcard is £2.50 + postage.


Chronic illness gift box

Mystery Bundles - A mystery bundle would be a great gift if you're not sure what to get that special person. These mystery bundles are filled with slight seconds, one-offs that you won't find anywhere else and perfect products for a brilliantly discounted price! Choose from a small bundle that includes 6 items, a medium bundle including 9 items or a large bundle including 11 items!

Colourblind zebra gift voucher

e-Gift Voucher - Do you know your loved one would love something from my store, but you're just not quite sure what to get them? Send them this e-gift card and let them pick their own goodies! Choose from £10, £25, £35 or £50.

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I hope this gift list helped you find presents that your loved one will love. If you're in need of more gift ideas, head over to my chronic illness, disability and mental health awareness shop to find even more presents that they'll absolutely adore!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for chronic illness and disability awareness illustrations and make sure to leave a comment below to let me know what gifts are on your wishlist this year!

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