A photograph of the rainbow zebra keyring attached to a wallet that has rainbows and clouds on it. The keyring has silver hardware and holographic stars.
A photo of the keyring. An arrow points at the holographic stars on the keyring and some rainbow text reads "holographic stars"
The keyring is being held in my hand.
A collage of two photos. The first photo shows the front of the keyring with holographic stars and the printed zebra. The back of the keyring has the printed zebra on it too.

Holographic Rainbow Zebra Keyring

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Add some sparkles and rainbows to your accessories by placing this adorable holographic rainbow zebra keychain to your backpack, purse or keys!

  • 2" holographic acrylic keychain
  • Double sided print with one side holographic stars
  • Lobster clasp keyring to make opening and attaching to your keys/purse/bag easier for sore or weak hands

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